A better way to renew and refill prescriptions for anxiety and depression.

Introducing Minded

Now you can renew anxiety and depression prescriptions online, anytime, in minutes - and get medication delivered to your door. No more scheduling and schlepping, just to get a signature on a form. No more worrying about running out. And whenever you need support, our board certified medical team is here to help. Minded is easy, doesn’t require insurance - and costs about the same as most copays.

Who We Serve

Minded is for people in New York State, 21 and older, who already take mental health medication. More states and medications coming soon.

About Us

Minded was founded in New York City in 2020. We are a team of successful entrepreneurs, experienced engineers, and innovative healthcare experts. Some of us take mental health medication, and others prescribe it, so we’ve personally experienced the frustration around the current offline experience, like having to visit a doctor every three months just to renew the same prescription we’ve had for years. We co-founded Stash, which has helped nearly 5 million people start investing, and Pager, a leading telehealth communications platform. Our lead practitioner is an industry leader in telepsychiatry and brings over 20 years of experience to Minded.